We start tiny thought-fires in people’s minds that cause them to act and react and connect in very human ways.

 Today’s market is hot, loud and overcrowded, like a public pool in August. And every day we gracefully swan dive right into the deep end to make an impact for our clients. Over nearly two decades, we’ve seen it all, and we’ve found that these four principles consistently ring true.

Louder is not better.

Except for when it is. In this always-on, always-connected world, we have reached communication oversaturation. The result? Mankind has evolved into walking bull s#*! detectors, able to discern true social worth from a sales pitch and identify value through the chaos of frequency. We at flourish are focused on determining when to scream and when to whisper, when to start up the chainsaw and when to wield a scalpel… all in order to most effectively create attention for your brand.

Trust. Not transaction.

Brands that are winning are focusing on building true human connections. They’re listening, not just talking. They’re changing your story, not just telling theirs. They’re bypassing the noise by creating value systems within their product, service and brand. Because they understand that when you build trust, you build value. And we at flourish are bringing this authenticity to life, and to market. Because let’s be honest, trust leads to transaction.

Design is a behavior.

Not a department. We focus on applying design thinking across every discipline. We feel this is necessary for our clients’ survival; because in our super-connected world, your competitive landscape has grown to include Apple, Nike and Amazon. Consumers compare how they buy insurance to how they stream music, and they want their grocery shopping to be as convenient and personal as hailing an Uber. The days of your brand existing in a vacuum are over. Everything is relative and inconvenience is not an option. And the key to staying relevant is thoughtful design. So, what is design thinking? We believe it is the ability to combine empathy, creativity and rationality to meet user needs and drive business success…and it’s never finished.

Humans first.

This isn’t just a point of view, it’s a strategy and a way of life. We don’t just learn about your audience, we become them. We Vulcan mind-meld them. We travel to where meaningful happens, where making connections is intuitively strategic, propelled by the collective culture of your audience. The goal? To make the culture of your audience become the culture of your brand.

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