We start tiny thought-fires in people’s minds that cause them to act and react and connect in very human ways.

flourish rearranged a
furniture company

When Arhaus Furniture showed up on our doorstep, the then young furniture brand was just expanding into it’s 6th market. 12 years later, the American furniture icon is dominating 36 markets and continuing rapid expansion across the nation. For over a decade flourish established and led the development of Arhaus’ brand distinction by activating their core premise of bringing the world to your home.

We furnished a way of life. 

Leading from the front.
flourish helped set the pace for aggressive expansion by developing a decades worth of new market media campaigns.

Arhaus enjoyed year-over-year sales increases in large part due to flourish’s complete understanding of the Arhaus brand and customer.

former v.p. of marketing

arhaus furniture

“flourish was excellent at identifying what is unique about our products, and communicating the Arhaus story in a way that created a desire for the products in the theater of our customers’ minds.”

-Product Developer, Arhaus Furniture

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