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flourish finds
its hero.

When launching a revolutionary product, Mr. Heater needed revolutionary thinking. To introduce the innovative Mr. Heater Hero, the world’s first cordless heater, flourish went into supercharged-full-service-integration mode. Through product design, naming, branding and marketing, we turned up the heat on the status quo. The result? A product innovation award and entré into diversified markets.

And just like that, cords were cut and Mr. Heater’s Hero saved the day.

flourish added a valuable voice and unique point of view through the product development stages.
flourish named and branded the innovative proprietary technology that made the Hero both safer and quieter.

We selected flourish over our agency of 14 years to name, brand and launch Mr. Heater Hero—the first cordless, rechargable, portable, space heater, featuring the first technological innovations in over 10 years. flourish delivered and helped expand the category in the process.”


Mr. Heater

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