We start tiny thought-fires in people’s minds that cause them to act and react and connect in very human ways.

flourish crafts an
industry leader.

When Timberlake wanted to build a brand as strong as their cabinetry, they turned to flourish. With a non-traditional ad campaign and materials, Timberlake saw an 11% increase in sales over 24 months and in 2016, overtook Kraftmaid as the largest North American cabinet-maker.

Not too shabby for going against the grain.

Timberlake asked flourish to help align company vision and set the tone for success for years to come.
By focusing on building trust, Timberlake has overtaken Kraftmaid as the industry leader in new home construction cabinetry.
It’s all about execution.
Flourish gets their hands dirty on-press. For 17 years we’ve ensured an airtight color match to product and a consistently pleased consumer.

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